Westlife - Have you ever been in love? Imprimer

(Designed by nganvh)

Choose the correct past participle form of the following verbs.

1. be
2. feel
3. find
4. hear
5. leave
6. lie (not tell the truth)
7. lie (not stand/sit)
8. try
9. stay up
stayed up
staied up
10. wake up
waken up
woken up

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Have You Ever Been In Love?


In the morning light
Half awake and half asleep
Have you ever (1) there thinking
(2) it all a dream?
But you reach out and she's there
Every moment, everywhere
Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever (3)
How far a heart can (4)
Have you ever (5) up (6)
For a telephone call
Just to hear then (7) hello
’Cause you miss each other so
Have you ever been in love?


Have there (8) times to laugh
And times you really want to cry,
(9) reasons to believe her
’Cause you'd die a little if she (10)
And when in times of doubt
Have you ever (11) to work it out
But still she (12) you wondering
What it's all about.

And when she's far away
Have you ever felt the need to (13)
And (14) and then (15)
It just doesn't (16)
’Cause with her, you can be true
And with her, you can be you
Have you ever been in love?

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And when the night (17) down
Can you (18) your house a home
Do you dream you're still together
And (19) up alone
Have you ever been in love
The way that I (20) in love
Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever been in love?


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Choosing verb form: 1 been, 2 felt, 3 found, 4 heard, 5 left, 6 lied, 7 lain, 8 tried, 9 stayed up, 10 woken up (click to CONTINUE)

Gap filling: 1 lain; 2 was; 3 felt; 4 fall; 5 stayed; 6 waiting; 7 say; 8 been; 9 finding; 10 lied; 11 tried; 12 leaves; 13 stray; 14 tried; 15 discovered; 16 pay; 17 comes; 18 call; 19 wake; 20 ’m